A private cooking lesson designed just for you.


A cooking lesson dedicated entirely to you where you will be able to learn according to your needs, level and time.


I will follow you step by step helping to guide you in the discovery of the recipes.

I will help you achieve the skill that will allow you to recreate the recipes in full  autonomy to share with your loved ones.


Together you will be able to learn the basics of cooking and pastry making, from classic traditional Italian recipes to more modern ones.

You will learn cooking techniques, making fresh pasta, designer pasta and finger foods and much more.


You can choose to take a single lesson or a complete course that will help you to specialize in want you prefer.

You will receive detailed materials such as recipes, advice and tips that you will be able to consult whenever you want.


I will hand pick specific ingredients and tools necessary for your personalized lesson or course.


Together we will explore the magical world of flavors.

You will be able to enjoy the dishes you have created in your own kitchen.

Cooking Class - Cammini del Gusto